Covid-19 Information

CircleCityCon will Follow all guidance and restrictions directed by the CDC, State of Indiana, City of Indianapolis, and the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis.


 The CircleCityCon Board values the health and safety of participants and staff. As part of our return to a physical venue, we continue to evaluate the current situation as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following details our safety policy regarding the pandemic.

Vaccination Required

In order to attend, participants of all ages must be fully vaccinated.

At CircleCityCon, we are using the following definition for “fully vaccinated”:

  • Two shots of Pfizer, Moderna, or Novavax vaccines – with the second dose being at least two weeks prior to the conference
  • One shot of Johnson and Johnson or Astra-Zeneca vaccine – shot having been administered at least two weeks prior to conference

If you are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated, YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CIRCLE CITY CON.

Please be sure to bring both proof of vaccination and a government issued photo ID that includes both name and DOB (e.g. Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport). The following are valid proof of vaccination:

  • CDC Issued Vaccination card (including high resolution images with clear legible text)
  • Apple Medical ID
  • State-issued vaccination cards/applications
  • Foreign-issued vaccination cards/application
  • Additional forms may be considered at the discretion of conference leadership

We will be providing vaccination checking throughout the conference. All individuals will need to complete vaccine validation before completing registration and the issued wristband will need to be worn the whole weekend. Lost or damage bands will require individuals to go through the vaccine validation process again.

For minor’s without valid photo IDs, we will be reviewing information provided in coordination with the parent(s). 

We take everyone’s privacy seriously and no information will be retained or recorded during vaccination check. With this in mind, our preferred methods of vaccine validation are those that can be performed visually (e.g. CDC Card, Apple Medical ID) to avoid having to scan QR codes.

If you have a situation where your government issued ID does not match your vaccination card, we may ask for supporting documentation (e.g. marriage license or legal name change order). This information will also be handled in the same manner with nothing recorded or retained. 


Masks    — updated 9/1/2022

Masks are REQUIRED to be worn to attend the conference. 

A mask will be provided in the attendee bag, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own as well. Masks should full cover the nose and mouth and be secured with straps, ties, or ear loops.

Acceptable forms of masks include: cloth mask, surgical mask, N95 (and equivalents)

NOT ACCEPTABLE forms of masks include: neck gaiters, bandanas, or articles of clothing pulled over the face.

The above lists are not exhaustive but should be used as a guide for ensure you choose masks that are appropriate for the event.

Repeated failure to comply with these policies, or any threats of physical/non-physical retaliation with regard to these COVID policies, or any other policies, will result in ejection from the conference, and may result in a lifetime ban to the conference. Law enforcement will be alerted as needed.

We all look forward to having everyone at the conference and hope to see you there!


Note that this policy is subject to change.

Updated September 1, 2022