Covid-19 Information

CircleCityCon will Follow all guidance and restrictions directed by the CDC, State of Indiana, City of Indianapolis, and the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis.


The CircleCityCon Board values the health and safety of participants and staff. As part of our return to a physical venue, we continue to evaluate the current situation as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic.The following details our safety policy regarding the pandemic.

Vaccination Required

In order to attend, all participants must be fully vaccinated.

This means we will require either of the following

  • Proof of 2 shots of Modern and/or Pfizer vaccines
  • Proof of 1 shot of Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

If you are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated, YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CIRCLECITYCON.

Unfortunately this also means we can only admin attendees 5 years of age and older.

Vaccination proof can be in the following forms:

  • Official Vaccination Card as issued by the CDC
  • Official State Vaccination App
  • High Resolution picture of Official Vaccination Card as issued by the CDC, where the writing and text on the card must be easily readable.

We will be providing vaccination checking at the conference and be required to go through vaccine validation and get a wristband prior to obtaining your badge at registration.



At this time, masks are encouraged to be worn but they are not a requirement to attend the conference. Harassment of any kind towards conference participants for choosing to wear or not wear a mask will result in ejection from the conference.

Any threats of physical or nonphysical retaliation with regard to our COVID-19 policies, or other policies, will result in ejection from the conference, as well as a lifetime ban to the conference. Law enforcement will be alerted as needed.

We all look forward to having everyone at the conference and hope to see you there!


Note that this policy is subject to change.

Updated April 22, 2022