Covid-19 Information

CircleCityCon will Follow all guidance and restrictions directed by the CDC, State of Indiana, City of Indianapolis, and the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis.

The CircleCityCon Board values the health and safety of participants and staff. As part of our return to a physical venue, we continue to evaluate the current situation as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic.The following details our safety policy regarding the pandemic.All participants of CircleCityCon must present proof of vaccination in order to attend the conference.


Vaccination Required

 In order to attend, all participants must be fully vaccinated. This mean that one has received either
             * A single shot of Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine within 5 months of July 3 but not sooner than 14 days prior to July 1
             * 2 shots of either Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTECH Covid vaccine within 5 months of July 3 but not sooner than 14 days prior to July 1
             * A Covid booster shot after having been vaccinated with either of the previous options not sooner than 14 days prior to July 1

If you are not vaccinated, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated but outside of the time boundaries set above, or fully vaccinated and boosted within 14 days prior of July 1, YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CIRCLECITYCON.


Vaccination proof can be in the following forms:

              * Official Vaccination Card as issued by the CDC
              * Official State Vaccination App
              * High Resolution picture of Official Vaccination Card as issued by the CDC, where the writing and text on the card must be easily readable.




Masks required

In addition to the aforementioned vaccination requirements, we are also requiring the wearing of an N95, or N95 equivalent mask.

Neck gaiters, cloth masks, masks with removable filters, masks with vent holes in them, and surgical masks will not be allowed to be worn during the conference.

We will provide an N95 equivalent mask for participants to wear for the weekend to ensure compliance with this policy is not disruptive. Masks must be worn properly over the nose and mouth and never under the chin.

Consistent failure to wear an approved mask can result in ejection for the conference and a ban on returning until after the pandemic. We do understand that these changes might be frustrating, and being reminded to adhere to them can be embarassing or offensive. However, these measures and the reminders to follow these measures are for everyone’s protection.

If a staff member reminds you to adjust your mask so it fits over your nose, please know that this is for your safety. Verbal abuse towards CircleCityCon staff, volunteers, or hotel staff will result in ejection from the conference.

Any threats of physical or nonphysical retalliation with regard to our COVID-19 policies, or other policies, will result in ejection from the conference, as well as a lifetime ban to the conference. Law enforcement will be alerted as needed.

We all look forward to having everyone at the conference and hope to see you there!